Program Details


Program Name Objective Duration
Power-Lite To familiarize women professionals with basic self defence techniques. 2 Hours
Power-Dynamic To equip women professionals with basic self defence techniques & its practice, enabling them to avert / deal with threatening situations. 4 Hours
Power-Ultimate To provide comprehensive understanding and practice of self-defence techniques, to deal with multiple type of situations (including special aspects related to women). 8 Hours


Program Name Objective Duration
Yoga Yoga for any specific body requirement/problem like stiffness, long working hours, thyroid, PCOD etc. 1 Hour
Physical Fitness-Lite To provide knowledge of physical fitness of the body to fulfill the daily routine work efficiently and the concept behind it. 1 Hour
Fitness- Internal & External To provide knowledge of overall fitness of the body physically as well as mentally. 2 Hours
You Are What You Eat To understand basics of Nutrition, diet and its relation with our body. 1 Hour
Complete Fitness To provide the comprehensive knowledge of mental fitness, physical fitness and diet. The person should be able to decide what he/she should intake or reject. 3 Hours