About Neha

Neha Shrimal is a corporate well-being trainer and a self-defence coach. A trained Taekwondo expert, Neha has been practising martial arts for years, she is Black Belt Dan-1 in Taekwondo. She is also a fitness enthusiast and loves adventure sports.

Her expertise in martial art techniques, coupled with deep understanding of women’s psychology and specific needs, have made her a highly appreciated and sought after trainer in women self defence.

She is one of the thirty change-makers selected for “She Creates Change” program of Change.org (an international organization/platform to create social change in the world). Neha is also actively working with Pune Police and Ahmednagar Police in spreading awareness on women safety at workplace and children safety.

She is a certified Yoga Practitioner. Her certification in yogic education embrace her knowledge of diet and nutrition in traditional and ideal ways according to Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

She is a professional diploma holder in fitness and weight loss. The fitness here also include the physical fitness in pregnancy, in different age group people like in kids as well as in senior citizens. She is also a verified personal trainer of fitness and self-defence in UrbanPro.

She has also done certification in Nutrition and Fitness for a complete understanding of human body and its relation with food.

Self-Defence Training

Neha has trained thousands of women professionals, equipping them with powerful techniques and enabling them to feel confident in any challenging situation. She has undertaken training programs for some of the most renowned companies in the country. She is also associated with KBK Raksha as Self Defence Evangelist.

Besides, she actively contributes towards the empowerment of women from different walks of life, including NGOs, educational institutes and social organizations.

Program Details


Program NameObjectiveDuration
Power-LiteTo familiarize women professionals with basic self defence techniques2 Hours
Power-DynamicTo equip women professionals with basic self defence techniques & its practice, enabling them to avert / deal with threatening situations4 Hours
Power-UltimateTo provide comprehensive understanding and practice of self-defence techniques, to deal with multiple type of situations (including special aspects related to women)8 Hours
Program Mode: Practical Exercises, Live Demonstration with Practice, Interactive Discussions, Q&A


Program NameObjectiveDuration
YogaYoga for any specific body requirement/problem like stiffness, long working hours, thyroid, PCOD etc.1 Hour
Physical Fitness-LiteTo provide knowledge of physical fitness of the body to fulfill the daily routine work efficiently and the concept behind it1 Hour
Fitness- Internal & ExternalTo provide knowledge of overall fitness of the body physically as well as mentally2 Hours
You Are What You EatTo understand basics of Nutrition, diet and its relation with our body1 Hour
Complete FitnessTo provide the comprehensive knowledge of mental fitness, physical fitness and diet. The person should be able to decide what he/she should intake or reject3 Hours
Program Mode: Practical Exercises, Live Demonstration with Practice, Interactive Discussions, Q&A
Due to the pandemic situation, the sessions will be online

Beneficiary Organizations

calsoft varroc JSW
TexCarp SevaBharati Yashda Trios
Globant Demag
Aeries Change.org infinity labs

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What participants said when asked ….

Q – What did you like the most about the session ?

Neha has explained in very good manner in short of time – Deepti Adekar

Tips of self defence and health care – Apeksha

Very active. Learnt very basic things which we never thought of . Very very helpful – Shilpi Vohra

The best trainer I have met ever in my life – Pallavi Giri

The practical session along with the tips provided – Netra

The way simple and useful tips were explained – Reena Maldodi

This was super informative. Loved the practical examples taken in order to make us aware of the situations that would arise around us. Thank you and cheers to the work you do – Hazel Fernandes

and more…..